Jeff Carl.
December 30, 2005
  Some of my favorites
I apologize for not updating right away.
Here's some of my favorite pictures that I've edited.
Let me know what you think.

This one is a unique one in that it has the elements of color/tone identification and a glow effect. Finished product = success.

This one was quite simple actually. I used a blur effect on the perimeter, but solarized (and kept clear) the central mirror. This title is "Mirror me back to reality."

This is one of my favorites. I added some brightness to it, cleared up the face a lil (smoothed the lips, etc.), and I changed the color of my eyes from brown to green, and that tie is actually blue. The evil look adds to the product as well.

"Fire Eyes" was a simple, yet powerful piece. No more than black and white, colored font + bevel + drop shadow, and two morphed shape tools. Draws the attention of the viewer to the "fiery" eyes.

This I'd have to say is one of my personal favorites. Again, I changed my true eye color of dark brown to a clear, saturated green. My favorite aspect of this picture lies within the eyes: the reflection remained a crystal clear picture. A simple glow was then added to the rest of the picture (enough to cover the entire face). Again, the focal point is on the eye.

As overdone as this picture seems, I actually like the almost "cartoon" feel. The sun beams are natural beams, but I added the glow effect to magnify the look. The lens flare is forged, but multiplied numerous times to give them a very solid look.

This picture was an accident. I believe what happened what it was a pinch+pull gone bad. However, I really like the end product. The title of this piece is "Distortion."

Two great friends + Polaroid picture + hand + scanner = cool. This piece is "Friends Forever"

Well that's it for now. Please let me know what you think. 
December 22, 2005
  [CreationV.2]complete The idea of this was inspired by Maggi, but this is basically a place where I can go to show my work. In this specific case, it will be lyrics to songs I have written/will write and pictures i edit. Who knows if I'll get more complex than that. Let me know what you think. Cheers.

"Let the passion flow through you as if these words will be our last and as if they hold the key to our future. For creation of a masterpiece comes not from the outer, but inner-most being of a soul. What we do can't be achieved through work, but through talent. Talent leads to love. Love leads to passion. Passion leads to revolution." -me 

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