Jeff Carl.
July 30, 2006
  Everything's Hanging on this Moment Dear world,

You don't control me. I'm not going to settle for less. I am going to stay true to myself. I'm not going to lower my standards to fit your definitions of everythings. You can't stop me from following my dreams. The dreams that nobody knows of. You can't get me down. I am going to fulfill my dreams. God is on my side. His will is perfect. You, world, will NOT stop me.

But that was a nice try.

Sincerely, Jeffrey Laurence Carl. (Inhabitant 6,400,324,063) 
July 23, 2006
  I Missed the Random Updates Okay, so I miss my blog. I don't miss writing "in depth" things that people misinterpret, but I miss just mentioning random things going on in my life. You know, it sort of keeps everyone updated and stuff, since I'm a pretty busy guy right now. So, I don't want people to get the impression that I'm hypocritical or "weak" in my decision to stay away from blogging, but don't worry. I won't get out of hand again.

My summer has consisted of school (still), driver ed, Konnected, and that's about it. Every once in awhile, I'll actually get to hang out with a friend outside of an event, but that's rare. I don't like this right now. I don't like being so busy, but I guess for now, I just have to stay like that until it's over...

News: I'm going to CCA (Corning Christian Academy) next year. It's a private Christian school in Corning. My "class" will be tiny, but I'm still looking forward to a normal year schedule wise. Haha. I love homeschooling, but this last year was the like the homeschool year from hell. haha, it was just sort of stressful. A lot of people have told me that I should go back to West. hah.

Other update: my band is going to record soon (hopefully).
We just got new pictures up, so that's exciting. I'm really looking forward to getting our music on a cd...finally.

Konnected is going awesome. Our first performance was tonight at the FLM Kid's Camp over at Watson Homestead. It went sooo amazingly well. Don't get me wrong, I loved our band from last year X23520357028375, but this year.. I don't know. It is just absolutely astonishing. I feel like the bar is set so much higher. We sound absolutely amazing. Not that I have a bias or anything, but I don't know. I think God is going to use Konnected in a powerful way.

Speaking of Konnected, Kingdom Bound is coming up. I am looking forward to that SO much. Although most of the kids in New Vine and members of Konnected have to drive up every single day, I'm fortunate to be able to stay up there with my family the whole time in a camper. I'm so psyched. Yay for memories.

Life is going well overall. I'm really hoping to hang out with Amber soon. She just got back from India, and we're both really anxious to get together and play piano/sing and stuff. Yeah, I know... we're geeks, but hey... we both have dreams and no one can stop us. haha. So funny story about Amber. The other day, we were supposed to hang out, and she was supposed to call me, but never did. (not a big deal). The only problem was, Greg called me and asked if I wanted to hang out, but I was worried about what was going on with Amber, because I didn't want to make plans on top of plans. So I couldn't get ahold of her. So I decided to hang out with Greg, and in my away message, I wrote that I was hanging out with Greg, and I apologized to Amber, but I hadn't heard from her, soo what could I do? haha...Well, apparantly, "away message viewers" took it the wrong way, and they all thought I was really mad/upset about it, so they told Amber that I was really mad. What made me laugh once I heard this was that no one had even talked to me about it, and two, I wasn't mad in the slightest way. I felt bad actually, because I didn't know if Amber would have still tried to hang out or not. Anyways, it just cracked me up that people were like, "Amber... you were supposed to call Jeff. Now he's really mad," because they didn't even talk to me about it. So I apologize if the way I worded it in my away message made me sound mad in any way. lol.

Anywayyyys, life has been exciting, busy, tough semetimes, but in the end, I have the best friends in the world, and no one can change that. I have piano, which saves me from so many things. I have God, who saves me from everything altogether. I have my family which saves me from so much.

oh yeah, random... I turned 16 at the end of June. Yay. :)

and random new addittion to my "friends" that I know nothing about how he showed up: Cuddles. haha.


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