Jeff Carl.
December 29, 2006
  Can't Wait. Okay, sooo I'm really excited for my new shoes to come. :)

I also can't wait for tomorrow... BAND PRACTICE!

December 26, 2006
  Christmas this Year As always, Christmas was wonderful. I love being with my family, and it was different this year.... more relaxed or something. Anyways, I got lots of cool stuff. First of all, there was the stocking:

(stocking: blue winter hat, Puritan watch, collectible American Idol card game, Dentyne Ice FIRE gum, gigantic candy cane filled with chocolate!, gum ballsssss, Axe spray [Essence], and of course, the traditional orange!)

I love stockings... Thennn once everybody was up, we started the presents (around 9:30):

These were two of my presents. Left is a mouse, and right is a little girl. haha... I got creative t his year.

Oh yeah, and most importantly... here's the video for Christmas morning. This was my first walk down the stairs to see the tree/presents on Christmas!!! Here it is:

I might update more later, but all in all, I got an All American Rejects cd (Move Along :D), Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, a $20 giftcard to Urban Outfitters (which I've already used for a new pair of shoes!), $75 worth of giftcards to Old Navy, a CCA hoody, obviousely my stocking stuff, my "car" in the sense of registration, taxes, etc adding up to a LOT of money, annnnnnnnd Johnny is giving me a whole bunch of music stuff for the computer (which is absolutely amazing). He's giving me his old sound card annnd a program called Sonar for music editing. This is seriousely a HUGE gift that he worked all summer for one year, and he's giving it to me now. I'm soooo excited to learn how to use it. It is a major step towards my dreams. :)

-Jeff Carl

Merry Christmas, everybody! Let the season continue year round. 
December 23, 2006
  My Man Is Hurt Sooo... I got my car Thursday!!! YAY!
Then on Friday, I got in an accident with it.

I wanted to cry, but I didn't.

Call me if you want the details, but to sum it up... here's the damage:

At the end, it got cut off, but all I said was "That's my car."

December 20, 2006
  My man.

I'm so excited. It has a sunroof! :-D!!!

December 15, 2006
  Follower Since everyone else keeps posting/linking to these, I'll post a part of the movie that I like....


Ok, I need to go to school.
It's the weekend!

December 14, 2006
  For Mrs. Drake....

December 11, 2006
  A New Creation So, I just got an e-mail from a friend who right now is pretty downcast. She's in a time of darkness in her life, and so I naturally went to the piano and sat down and started playing, trying to come up with just anything, because I had that "feeling" in me to try to make something of it. Usually, I can't sit down and write lyrics instantly, but I actually came up with something I really like for this instance. Who knows.... maybe a future Perilous Times piece.


(Chorus type thing:)

You're reaching for the light,
But you grab the thunder.
You're trying to fight,
But the rain's pullin' you under.
You're invisible, but that doesn't stop the pain.
Watchin' life through the window,
You're just trying to hang on.

(Bridge type thing:)

But there's a hope; There's a love
Greater than the ocean
Fighting for your life
Speaking for the unspoken

......... and that's it for now. Very incomplete I know, but I like it....musically and lyrically.

Almost time for bed.

I watched White Christmas tonight in my living room with the lights off with the Christmas tree lit, the fireplace going, and other Christmas lights lit up as well.... it was wonderful being alone.

Jeff Carl. 
December 10, 2006
  My wishlist You know what I really want? Programs/equipment to record. I wannnnnt to record stuff so bad, whether it is Perilous Times material or my own....


I could only wish. 
December 05, 2006
  Treasure. Death scares me. 
December 03, 2006
  Revival anyone? "God, I'm so sorry. Revive my soul. Make me yours. Flood me with your greatness. You are God, and I am yours."

God worked in such a mighty way tonight, I can't even describe.
Therefore, I'm not even going to try... just.... the Konnected concert was just awe-inspiring.
The Holy Spirit just came alive in that place. Lives were seriousely transformed.
That was the best concert of all of ours combined times 2,358. It was great.
It's amazing how exquisite eyes are. I could literally see differences in people's hearts at the end of the night.
God is just.... wow. I can't... Thank you, God.

From people dressed like goths on their knees worshiping,
to a guy asking God to be his Savior, after planning to commit suicide today,
to grown men and women on their faces crying out to God,
to high schoolers being transformed,
to hands being raised sky high to the living God,
to people just chearing audibly out to God,
to voices just singing so loudly,

it was truly an awesome time. God transformed others. He transformed me. I'm just... so excited. God had a plan in tonight. I truly believe there were dozens of people who received Christ into their lives tonight. Amazing....just... Amazing.

Again, thank you, God.

-Jeff Carl 

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