Jeff Carl.
April 27, 2007
  Blub Chub So... I am so absolutely exhausted right now, but life is so fun currently. The last two weeks, Ryan and I have been at FLM almost every day for rehearsals. I've enjoyed every second though. This play of Charlotte's Web is really a masterpiece. Tonight was opening night, and the crowd was great, and even after some really strange "problems" in Act 1, it turned out great in the end.

I've enjoyed getting to be with some different friends too.... That sounds horrible, and I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just that I have some really amazing friends out in Bath (Evan, Brielle, Strobes, Liesl, Nate & Ryan, etc...), but I never get to see those friends regularly, so this has been fun (not to mention getting to know new peoplee too, like Josh and Jed).

Also, Rytizzlay and I are on a health kick right now. We're not dieting in the sense of losing weight, but dieting in the sense of CHANGING what we eat. Stage 1 is sugars. No desserts. No chocolates. No candies. No sodas or sugary beverages. AKA... all really excessive sugary foods are now gone. Today was day 5, and I've been eating really well and eating lots and lots and lots of vegetables, fruit, and water. I feel pretty good! :)

BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, my Mommy's home.... alongggg with my Grandaddy!!! I am so happy she's back. There's just nothin' like a good mom-hug throughout the day.

I'd love to write a little more, but tonight is my only night for awhile to sleep in, so I'm going to bed!!! (and I just hadn't posted in awhile, so I figured I was overdue....)

Goodnight, everybody.
If you get a chance,

-Jeff Carl 
April 20, 2007
  Belize 2007  
April 07, 2007
  Love You know, it's amazing how we lose track of life sometimes. As it is Easter, of course many people are reminded of God's love for us and "what life is all about." Unfortunately, for so many people, that renewed view doesn't last, and I'm including myself in that. Well, for me, I've been a Christian almost all of my life. I wish I could say I have spent every single year growing more and more in Christ, but that would be a lie. I've had multiple conversations with Sabrina lately, where we've talked about a guy she knows who is a new believer.

We mention his passion, his anxiety for God, his genuiness, his yearning, his innocence. Why can't those of us who have known God for way longer than he has have just as much passion. You think we would have read the Bible 238 times by now. You think we'd be praying 23 hours a day. You think we'd be thanking God for every aspect of our lives, but we find ourselves with our backs towards God almost daily. How embarassing and shameful. We hear the same Easter story every year, and many people are absolutely transformed and mesmerized by it every year. That is the renewing transformer of their lives. Well, for me, this year, it isn't the Easter story specifically that is transforming me. It is something different.

You see, as many of you know, my Grandaddy just lost his wife, Grandma Sheila, a few weeks ago. I'm sitting writing this entry as some people, including my Grandaddy, are listening to a recording of Grandma Sheila's service. I was listening for awhile, and even as I'm writing this, I can still hear it in the background. Grandaddy has been crying on and off. He never cries (well...never used to, really) His heart is absolutely broken. "More than half of me is dead," he said today. His life has been transformed...

and here I find myself on occasion complaining about people, gossiping, pitying myself, or whatever. THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT. Life is about love. First, our love for God. Second, our love for each other. This Easter, I urge you to reconsider where you are right now in your life. My grandma's life ended so unexpectedly. We don't know what second will be our last. I could die in five minutes. I could die in seventy years. I don't know, but I'm scared of the idea of dying not living like God would live. It's not like God tells us we have to save a country every five seconds. The small stuff is a good place to start. Smile. Forgive. Laugh. Be honest. Trust. Be genuine and real. LOVE. Real love.

I am so embarassed by how selfish I am in my life. This Easter, I want to change my life. I don't want to be the same person I was. I want to be one step closer to living like God would live.

I know some people think I'm a goody goody. I know some people think I try to force my "ways" on others. They think I think my methods are the only way. They are perfect. I'm perfect. That's not the case at all. First of all, when I write these entries, I'm not talking to anyone specifically. I'm just talking generally to a world that is drastically changing and sad. I care about people. See, that's my point. That's what I'm realizing. Life is about people. Life is about love. So maybe instead of complaining about someone who did something to you (just an example), go up to someone you don't know and just ask them what their name is and smile. You could change someone's life. It reminds me of the Superchick song "Hero" or something. Look up the lyrics.

Like I said, all I'm trying to do is make people think. Just... think. Are you happy with how you're living the one life you have on this planet?

April 06, 2007
  Sandy Toes Well, today was another great day. After posting my entry this morning, I went down to the beach with all the kids. We made three different sand castles. Mine stood the longest, but it was a tiny bit further away from the water than theirs, but I also had good help from Katie, my little cousin. She and I worked hard on ours, and we rock...haha. :)

After the beach, we went to the pool, and I played with Katie and Jonathon. They would lay on a pool mat, and I swam underneath and pushed upwards, making them fly off into the water. It was fun. Then, we went up to eat an awesome lunch of the basics, ya know... sandwiches, chips, fruit juice. It was amazingly delicious. Somehow, everything is better in Florida. The air is better. The food tastes better. My hair is better. The water quenches better. My skin is darker...better? haha. You get the picture.

After lunch, Dave and I went on a walk on the beach. We did our "regular walk" down to a certain point on Hideaway Beach's beach where you can't get past some trees or something. On the way, we went to the sandbar at the club to use the restroom, then we were like, "Let's get some lemonade." (because like everything else, there is no lemonade anywhere better than the lemonade at the sandbar of Hideaway Beach on Marco Island.) So we got lemonade and kept walking until we turned around and returned to the complex and went back to the pool. We went to the hot tub, then we went swimming in the regular pool again. After the pool, Dave and I were going to go on another walk in the opposite direction on the beach, but we got Kris, Davy, and Ryan and took the golf cart around Hideaway Beach. It was so fun. We love just driving around seeing the different houses. This was the first time I've been able to drive the golf cart, and it was really fun. Eventually, we went back upstairs to the condo.

I took a lonnnnng shower, got dressed, then played some piano before we left to go out to dinner. Tonight, we went to the Marco Island Yacht Club. After eating, Dave, Ryan, and I went on the docks to look at all the massive yachts docked. When we got home, I played piano, and everyone was singing and dancing with each other. Then, Dave, Ryan, Kris, Davy, and I went back downstairs to get the golf cart again. We drove around in the community in the dimlit streets, and it was so fun seeing all the mansions at night, all wonderfully lit. Again, I got to drive so it was awesome. When we got back, we came back upstairs only for Dave, Ryan, and I to turn around and go back downstairs. We went back out the beach to walk on the cool sand. It was awesome for two main reasons. The wind today was SOARING ALL hard. It was sweet. Secondly, the stars were absolutely gorgeous. God is awesome for the display of the night sky. Finally, we came back upstairs for good, and here I am, 11:00 at night writing this entry.

I hope everyone at home is doing well. I'm really sad that I didn't get to see Maggi this week. We were planning on that for so long, and I completely forgot about the fact that I was going to be in Florida. She was very understanding, though, so thank God she's a wonderful person. I hope we get to see each other soon.

Anyways.... this was a completely random and unimportant and boredom-induced post that you all probably don't care about at all, but here it is, nevertheless. Again, hope you all are great. I miss my friends.

  Marco Polo We made it down okay. Our first flight was delayed two hours, but thankfully, we still made our connecting flight in Detroit, annnnd we realized once we looked at our boarding passes that we had first class on the first plane, so the service was a nice bonus, espcially since we were stuck onboard for two hours before take-off. Our second flight was long, but good. We landed in Ft. Myers, got our bags, then found a guy holding a sign "CARL", and he took us to a private van that drove us to Marco. It was fun.

We got to the condo, had a wonderful dinner, and had a late night swim in the pool and hot tub. Dave, Kris, and I took the VW bug to do some errands for my mom, and then we eventually did the sleep thing. NOW, it's morning, and I'm lookingforward to a nice, relaxing Friday with a high of 79 degrees. :)

Hope all is well.

-Jeff Carl 
April 05, 2007
  Airplanes I love airplanes. We're getting ready to leave soon. It's 6 in the morning, and I know I'm just going to sleep all the way to Rochester. I hope you guys all have a wonderful Easter. I'll try posting in here throughout the weekend maybe. We'll see. Just remember what God did at this time...

for you.

April 03, 2007

Hey guys... hope you like the new look to my blog.
Just some basic stuff for you:

-The music can be turned off at the bottom of this page.
-One difference with this template= no archives.
-Another difiference = no profile, but that doesn't matter, 'cause they're pointless anyways.
-To leave a comment, click the number to the RIGHT of the post-time at the top of each entry.

Jeff Carl

April 02, 2007
  Battery Low 1. I miss my mom.

2. I love this song (props to Josh for introducing me.)


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