Jeff Carl.
January 31, 2007
  sigh. Alright, God. God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
\He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way,
He will make a way.

By a roadway in the wilderness,
He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His Word will still remain
He will do something new today.

God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way,
He will make a way 
January 30, 2007
  Zonage I've been spaced out all day....seriouesly. Spaced.....out..... But not just because I'm a Carl and get in the zone all the time. See what most people don't realize, is the "Zone" is just an escape to our thoughts.... A lot of the time, I'm actually thinking about something really hard when I'm in the zone. Today, especially, I have just been thinking about something a lot, and I am so confused.

That's just the easiest way to express a very very very complex feeling.

I'm in a song-writing mood.

-Jeff Carl 
January 28, 2007

won the Battle of the Bands in Corning!

Ok.... breathe, Jeff.

haha.... I'm so happy!


p.s.... our myspace. 
January 27, 2007
  Battle of the Bands! Perilous Times is performing in another Battle of the Bands competition!

It is this Sunday at Victory Highway Wesleyen Church at 5:00pm.

January 19, 2007
  To be me. 2007. 2007 Weekends as of right now (Jan-Feb):

Dec. 25th/Jan. 1st: Hanging out with Rikki, Hanging with Hannah and Sabrina, New Years with Rikki
Jan. 5th-7th: Perilous Times Band practice, concert, and Belize support letters, church
Jan. 12th-14th: Youth Band practice, hanging out with Jess Monastra, church, 24 Premiere, Hanging out with Rikki DAY
Jan. 19th-21st: Youth Band practice, WHS Semi-formal with Rikki, church, Konnected concert.
Jan. 26th-28th: Belize Team meeting, Charlotte's Web tryouts (for Ryan...I'm just the driver), Perilous Times practicing, church, Battle of the Bands competition.
Feb. 2nd-4th: Dare2Share conference in Columbus, OH.
Feb. 8th-16th: Missions trip to Belize, Central America
Feb. 16th-25th: Vacation on Marco Island, FL (hopefully)

So that's my tentative life, and that's not even including stuff inbetween weekends, like my weekly piano lesson, weekly Konnected practice, weekly youth group, Youth Praise Band practices, school, college, and 24 and American Idol (newly added to my list =D). Also, it doesn't include any of the things that are on this list that I posted awhile ago.

Sooo... I love it.

I'm basically just really looking forward to the semi-formal. It's just gonna be really fun hanging out with one of my best friends for the day all dressed up and blinged out. Nothing to hide from. Nothing to be fake about. Nothing to be weird. Simply friends being friends and having an awesome time. I can't wait. I'll update afterwards.

Tentative plan for semi:
-Pictures at my house
-Pictures at Rikki's house
-Pick up a movie rental
-Mall (movie, strolling, etc.)
-Mall for dinner (Ruby Tuesdays maybe)
-Semi-Formal at WHS
-Rikki's house for a movie

Like I said, an awesome time. I can't wait.

-Jeff Carl 
January 15, 2007
  Semi Attire Rikki, here's what my outfit looks like with the red tie and black tie...

I think I'm leaning towards the black.

January 12, 2007
  Five Day Weekend Well well, as everyone knows, for highschool students, this is a three day weekend, which is awesome. However, in my case, it is a five day weekend. I do wish, though, that it could be under better circumstances. I spent Thursday feeling sick to my stomach all day. I also had hints of a fever and other aspects I won't go into..haha. At 9:15 Thursday night, I finally puked, which felt really good, actually... (well....afterwards anyways). On Friday, I woke up feeling a lot better, but still getting the hot and cold flashes, so I stayed home from school again. Basically, throughout the course of two days, I have watched enough tv/movies to last me a lifetime, so I'm pretty spaced out. of right now, I feel great. I'm getting ready to go to bed after watching V for Vendetta with the family. It was a good movie. We also rented Lucky Number Slevin, which I've heard is good too. So I'm looking forward to seeing that.

Well, life lately has been absolutely, positively insane.

I've gotten my "restricted liscence" then my "junior liscence."
I got into a car accident.
My dad was diagnosed with cancer, which has had a lot of effect on the family.
My mom's job has been insanely crazy.
School is whizzing by.
I got my college books, so I can start classes this coming Tuesday.
I got all of my support letters sent out for my Belize trip.
I got my passport today.
I have an appointment to get checked medically (for Belize).
I still really need to find a job, but first, I have to fill out certain paperwork and stuff.
I have spent the last two weekends in Wayland for Perilous Times stuff.
I am presently involved with five bands (church, school, FLM, Perilous Times, and now youth group).
I am trying to still do my cleaning chores and collecting trash every week.
I go to youth group once a week.
I am trying to work on a huge, really exciting project with Evan, which is lacking my attention.
As I already mentioned, I was sick for two days.
I'm trying to keep up with my friends from Bath, West, Wayland, Elmira, Corning, and tons of other places.
Within the last month or two, there has been Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, all of which have been completely packed with endless company (at certain times up to 14-16 person meals) and of course all the extra stuff that goes along with holidays.
I am trying to grow closer to God in my relationship with him.
And within all of that, I am trying to fit "me time" into there.

So that's just a hint of my life right now. haha. crazy....but I love it.
I am trying to survive it all....... no wonder I'm sick. haha.

Goodnight, world.

January 07, 2007
  *RING RING*... "Hello, Ear?" This weekend was probably one of the funnest times of my life. I had such a great time!! I have to go to bed, so this isn't going to be detailed. Basically, I went to Sabrina's on Friday, and we played music with the band. We went to bed at like 1:30 or something. On Saturday, we woke up, played music all day, then went to Canisteo for the concert!! We set up and played music for another two hours. Then it was time. We played the concert. The crowd was tiny, but honestly, I don't even care...they liked us a lot, and we got to play music more. After we finished, we had a much needed BAND HANGOUT time (time without instruments in our hand).

The band went to Friendly's with Jessica Herneckar and Kirstin Vance (two friends of mine), and Gabe's girlfriend, Cassie, came along, which was fun. Then, we all had bonding time in the car on the 45 minute trip back. It was filled with singing really loud, screaming really loud, linking arms so we wouldn't die, making fun of Gabe, whispering, and more loud screams (basically, most of the screams came from Josh and myself....haha) It was sad for it to be over, but when we got back, Sabrina, Veronica, and I talked outside on the porch thingy for a little while, then we all called it a night. What a wonderful day.

On Sunday, we went to church (which was my first time at their church). I really enjoyed it a lot. I loved their preacher, Pastor Bob. After church, it was World War 3 at the Gauers, but once things settled down, Mr. and Mrs. Gauer, Sabrina, and I talked in their living room, and then I had to head out. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend, and I can't wait for the next gig weekend!

So I say I went home on Sunday, but Sunday is actually today... so I came home today. I finally finished my support letters for my trip to Belize, Central America that I'm going on in a month from now exactly! I am so excited. Ryan reminded me that I'm going to get a tan while I'm down there, so that'll be a nice little bonus...haha... but all I know is that I have been standing all weekend, I've had no quietness, and I all I've done since I've been home is signing, folding, stuffing, "licking" (with a sponge), sealing, stamping, return address labeling, and address labeling 160 support letters for four and a half hours.... sooo it's really nice to be done with that. haha... Ryan did the stamps, which was nice and saved me a little time, but it seemed like forever. Anyways, I am so absolutely exhausted from this weekend, so I'm going to go to bed.

Thanks Perilous Times, for another amazing concert.
And thanks for housing me, Sabrina... I don't know how you deal with me for that long.

I love my band.

January 01, 2007
  January First, Two Thousand Seven A new year.

I looked up new in a dictionary and thesaurus. The words were comforting. It's not only moving on from the old, which sounds so routine and boring. New means fresh. New means "Never used or worn before now." We have a chance to start over... a chance to begin again. We have a chance to live the way we want to, as if it has never been even touched yet. We get to decide who we are.

...But something else caught my eye too in those two books. Listen to these references to new: unfamiliar or strange, inexperienced, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, unknown, and unusual. NEW means question marks. It's a blank slate ready to be filled. It is a new land ready to be explored. We are literally jumping into a year of the unknowns. Where will be be?

Who would have thought in this past year that I would have gone to a private Christian school again. Who would have thought my band would do so well? Who would have thought I'd already have a car? Who would have thought I'd already be in an accident? Who would have thought some relatives would die? Who would have thought MY dad...someone so healthy and strong, could be diagnosed with cancer? Who would have thought my mom would fall off a ladder and break ribs, her head, and a lung? Who would have thought my mom would have gullbladder problems and other health issues? Who would have thought my sister would start a new life in marriage with her husband? Who would have thought my church would be going through such a hard time? Who would have thought I would have such curly hair? Who would have thought I would lose friends? Who would have thought I'd be such good friends with the people I am closest to now? Those are just a few questions.

At the beginning of last year, those were the unknowns. This year, we are starting the unknowns. What will happen? Who will live? Who will change? Who will grow? Who will fall? Who will survive the unknowns?

All I know is, I know exactly who I have my hope in. Jesus Christ. He answers all the unknowns, regardless of how big or small they are. With him on my side, I am ready to start fresh. I am ready to jump. Ready to reach.

I am ready to fly.

Dear unknown, formally known as 2007:

"Bring it on."

Love, Jeff. 

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