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October 23, 2007
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October 14, 2007
  The Start [JUMP] Okay, world. It's official. Ryan and I are a team. I'm sure I've mentioned at some point or another how awesome Ryan has been toward my musical endeavers. When I first started my JeffCarlMusic myspace, I sent friend requests to my friends and built up a small fanbase of about 130 people or something. Well, Ryan, being the awesome brother that he is, wanted me to go further, so he began sending requests to random people over myspace, and in the little work that he's done, my profile is now flourishing with around 900 friends. It's amazing to go to my page and see that in one day it had almost 200 plays... or 130... or 210.... or 70. Even 20 plays is amazing to see. It's really exciting to me.

Anyways, up until now, it's kind of been half mast. We've both gotten more enthusiastic about it, but hadn't really committed to anything really. It's kind of like we were both in agreement that I wanted to go somewhere, but we weren't really doing MUCH. Anyways, long story short, through a turn of events and emotions, he and I are on fire right now for my musical future, and we're finally getting off of our butts and doing something about it. We're no longer just SAYING that we want to go places, but metaphorically, the bags are packed, and we're on the road. He and I have decided to do a complete revamp of life. Starting tomorrow, or I guess now it's "today" since it's after midnight, but Ryan and I are committing to this future. We're both going to try to add a few hundred people a day to my myspace, which through time, will add up very quickly. The response will hopefully be huge. Also, I'm going to work my butt of to try to figure out all my recording software, so that I can actually get some of my new material in the works. That said, of course that means I'm gonna continue to work hard on WRITING my new material in general. Not to mention, Evan almost has a new addition to my song list done. It'll be up on my myspace really soon. It's called Alibi. It's another Evan Sieling original, but I did the vocals on it, so we're gonna go head and put it up. I'm really excited, because it shows another side of me. The upbeat, dancy side. haha. I'm excited.

Anyways, I could seriousely talk for hours about the fact that I'm finally moving forward with my life, but you'd all get bored I'm sure. I'm just really stoked to finally have the motivation and means to move forward with this. The thing I'm most excited about is that I'm making sure that above all, God is number one. It's not about being famous. It's not about the number of fans. It's not about money or the world's definition of success. As cool as all those are, in the end, it's about showing God through me and maybe, just maybe having a positive effect on at least one person's life. If I lived my entire life with having an impact on only one person at some point, it'd all be worth it. I want to be a vessel of God. I am his ambassador, and I don't think he would have given me this feeling if nothing was going to come of it. I'm moving forward.

Prayer would definitely be appreciated as all this goes on. Like I said, it's a complete life revamp. So many NEW things have happened lately that have just given me this sense of refreshment and clean slates. The move to Florida. The rediscovery of my music writing side. New clothes and I'm getting an INTENSE haircut soon (which I don't know how it'll be, since I'm getting it pretty short) to enhance "my look" (haha), new keyboard. Recording software. New music. Some early on myspace success. An enthusiastic little brother who is only 14 and already a wonderful "manager"... haha. Like I said, I could go on, but I'm just really excited about all this.

No more entries about wishful thinking and childish dreams. It's time for those to become a reality. Future, here I come, with God on my side. I will always look up. Here we go.




Rachelle Snavely is backup singer/encourager....

........And I swear, I was not told to add that. 
October 13, 2007
  Only to some Few people know what I feel, and who knows. I'm not them, so maybe they don't. They might feel something similar, but who knows if it's the same. I've got something in me, though. Some would call it hope. Some would call it a dream, but to me, it feels like so much more. Deeper. It feels real. It feels like more than chance. It feels true. It feels a amazing.

I only wish others could experience it,
But that would be impossible. 
October 05, 2007
  A Lasting Change So many people think that change is bad. We all have our little bubble, and things go exactly how they are supposed to. We are wanted. Heard. Accepted. Encouraged. Loved. When that bubble breaks though, it's as if nothing will ever be the same. But who decided that?

Since I've been in Florida, it has been a constant struggle in the way of friendship. I definitely had my bubble of friends up North this past year, and I loved that. I was comfortable around them. But I've had to expand my horizons down here. I've had to let go a little. Let go of my friends up north. That's not to say I distance myself from them, but there is 100% a definite CHANGE in those relationships. People can choose to accept that or not. They react to something as if things should be exactly how they were. They're offended by something that isn't my fault. It's not my fault. It's change's fault. We can learn how to deal with change though, that is what makes it sad. It's all WORKING for the relationship. It's no longer seeing the person every day or twice a week or three times a week or whatever. It's making an effort to communicate. However, lives separated by 1500 miles does a lot to a relationship. Sometimes schedules conflict. Sometimes plans are different. Sometimes accessibility changes. Sometimes, cell phones are stupid. The thing is, when those things happen, it doesn't HAVE to be a huge bad ordeal. It's just different. Expectations can NOT be the same. Desires can NOT be the same. Wants, habbits, traditions.... can't be the same.

Change can be good and bad. However, if chosen, it CAN be mostly good. It's just a matter of how we view change. Obviousely, in my example, I've used friendships-being-split-apart-by-a-move as the change, but I think the concept is true regardless: Change happens, and it brings along things we're not used to. We can't expect things to be exactly how they were. We simply have to learn the new things and go with it.

I'm learning this in multiple ways. But....I'm not the only one who needs to accept this.

Have a little more faith in true friendship. I'm not changing. 

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