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August 26, 2006
  Perilous Times MUSIC Perilous Times 
August 20, 2006
  Quick Update [I'm just going to copy and paste this update from the periloustimes' myspace blog update into my own journal entry.]

Hey there. This is Jeff. Here's a quick update for you all. Today is the last day in the studio. My brother, Johnny (the producer of the demo), and I went in to the studio Saturday, August 19th, at around 4 or 5 o'clock pm, and we didn't sleep at all. It is now 2:00 on Sunday, and Johnny is still at work in the studio. I was there for most of the time minus four or five hours. We lived off of mountain dew, coke, and caffeine pills for the evening.

((Quick thanks to Laurence Morey for letting Perilous Times use his studio in Corning, NY.. He was wonderful.))

Gabe, Sabrina, and I had gone in last weekend and done all of the tracking aspect of things (Sat. and Mon.).Yesterday afternoon/evening/this morning, I worked on some backup vocal, tweaked some piano parts, and Johnny worked his magic in mixing the songs. It's sounding good, so spread the word that our two first singles will hit myspace within the week.
Much gratitude,Jeff Carl (piano/vocal)

Now that that's done, real quick....I'm leaving for Keuka Lake today. I need to pack and stuff, but I'll be back Friday or Saturday! :) 
August 14, 2006
  Perilous Times Ads Perilous Times Music- Click Here

Perilous Times Music- Click Here

What do you think of the ads I made for Perilous Times, the band I'm in?

August 06, 2006
  Two Forty-Six AM Yup... that's right.... almost 3 in the morning. Right now is Saturday Sunday Morning. I have to get up in five hours to go to praise team practice/sunday school/church. Then, I am going to come home for like an hour and a half, and I need to pack everything I need for Kingdom Bound. I am so excited beyond belief. Not to mention, I finally finished school.

Do you hear me?!?!??!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!??!!??!
I FINISHED SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think anybody in the entire universe can understand that feeling I'm feeling right now.
Doing school until August 6 (early AM) is not fun.... Less summer, less free time, more stress.... it's just NOT cool.

Anyways, I'm done, so me being done is this:

-I get to open my box that has my brand new Canon powershot SD630 in it (my dad had told me I can't open it until I finish all of my school)
-I get to enjoy Kingdom Bound without school on my mind (greater than it sounds)
-No time restrictions for next weekend (because that's when I'm recording with my band)
-I get to hang out with Amber (who I haven't hung out with in over two months)
-I get to play piano for longer periods of time than 10 minutes.
-I get to hang out with my friends more. YAY.
-No more homework.
-No more doing school from morning until 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 at night/morning
-infinite reasons.

I could go on for days... no...forever.

OH YEAH, and just to let the world know, don't try talking to me for a little bit, because my brain is absolutely fried to the max. Like, I can't even describe it. Let me give you the summary.

(For me):

normal day of school requires six subjects total.
(Bible, Algebra, World History, English, Chemistry, Spanish).

Estimated time for a regular five day, 6 subject a day week
22 1/2 hours of school/work time (about 4.5 hours a day [not including lunch, chores, piano practicing, other stuff])

As of last saturday, the amount of work I needed to get done by this Saturday was:
85 hours of school/work. That gives me exactly 7 days to do all that. DO the math. It's almost four times as much plus weekend days too. That statistically is 12. 1 hours of school every single day (Saturday-Saturday) not including three-meals-a-day, almost normal sleep, 15 hours of Driver Ed time that week, homework, studying for final exams, church, etc.

So yeah, this has been completely 100% psycho in my brain. I don't even know if what I just said up there made sense. Maybe you followed me, maybe you didn't, but I am going to bed, because my eyes are blurring/getting REALLLLY heavy, so goodnight world.

I'm leaving Corning tomorrow after church around 1:00 to go to Kingdom Bound until Thursday midday. (I'm SOOO stoked). Leave comments for me to come back to.


These are the questions/statements my mom and I formed over here, so add these to your list and give him a call:

1. If he needs to get ahold of me, Jeff, tell him to call my cell, because I'm going to be out of town until thursday midday. (ORRR you could just tell him to call you [sabrina] instead).
2. You just need to in general make sure that he's still planning on us for next Saturday.
3. How early can we start?
4. How late can we go 'till?
5. How much is it going to cost? (see if you can negotiate)
6. Tell him we'll call again on Friday to doubly confirm the Saturday recording session.
7. Are there any days the following week that anybody could go in (either our band, or just my older brother, Johnny, and me to go mix the stuff)

sooo that's what we came up with. Call me for that number though.

I am so extremely happy right now.
Although I probably won't be tomorrow when my alarm goes off, and I'll be completely zonked,
But that's okay.... whatev. At least it is for the purpose of playing music and worshiping my precious Savior. :)

Goodnight, world.

Yours truly, Jeff Carl. 
August 03, 2006

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus;
There's just something about that name!
Master, Savior, Jesus, Like the fragrance after the rain;
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Let all heaven and earth proclaim;
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
But there's something about that name!


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